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Is Adobe® Reader® Installed on Your Computer?

NOTE: The following applies to PC's with Windows operating system.
Macintosh users can find similar "help" information on Adobe's Support Website Adobe Reader Support

Throughout the Tucson Chapter ANG Website, you will encounter links (such as the monthly newsletter) that will open only if you have Adobe Reader (also known as Acrobat Reader) software installed correctly on your computer. If you've tried downloading and installing the Adobe Reader software before, you can check to see if you have been successful in installing it by looking under your "Programs" submenu on your Windows "Start" menu (lower lefthand corner of your screen), and seeing if there's a program there called "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat Reader". Its icon is a white square, outlined in red, with a large script "A" in it. It won't necessarily be listed alphabetically, so scroll through all of the programs to see if it's there. There may also be an icon as I just described located on your Desktop.

If you don't have Adobe Reader correctly installed, when you click on one of the links on one of Tucson Chapter ANG's Web pages that requires Adobe® Reader®, you might get a popup window that says you need Adobe® Reader®. It might give you a link where to find this piece of free software. If not, you can download it for free by clicking here: Download Adobe ReaderBefore downloading a new version of Adobe Reader, it is recommended that you remove or uninstall any existing versions on your computer.  Often, "updating" from one version of Adobe Reader to a newer version has created problems.  To check for and remove existing versions of Adobe Reader, click on your Windows "Start" button,  then on "Settings", "Control Panel", "Add/Remove Programs".  If one or more versions of Adobe Reader (also known as Acrobat Reader) are shown as being installed, remove all versions, then reinstall the new version as directed at the above link.

Follow the instructions given on that page, and hit the "download" button.

  1. You'll probably get a popup window that asks what you want to do with the file you're downloading. Choose "save to disk" and choose a folder on your computer where you want it (remember the name and location of the download file, so you can find it in the next step). Sometimes, it's just easier to save this downloaded file to your Desktop.
  2. After the Adobe Reader file has finished downloading, you need to "run" that file to install the Adobe Reader program (unless it automatically installs, in which case you won't have to do the following step).
  3. To install the Adobe Reader software, go to the folder on your hard drive ("C" drive) where you just saved the download file. Double click on that file to begin installing Adobe Reader. (If you saved the downloaded file to your Desktop, you just need to double click on the icon for that file on your Desktop).

After Adobe Reader has finished installing, you should be able to open up a Tucson Chapter ANG Web page in your browser, and click on one of the PDF documents/links. When you do that, your Web browser should open the Adobe Reader software you just installed and display the PDF document.

If Adobe Reader still will not open within your Web browser, then there's a "Preference" setting incorrectly set in Adobe Reader. Here's a link that describes how to change, or work around, the Preference setting for "Display PDF in Browser" or "Web Browser Integration" (depending on which version of Adobe Reader you have) -- Configure Internet Explorer or AOL to display PDF Files


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